Saturday, June 9, 2012

Binding choices

First I want to tell you that I have been having problems for a week with this post.  Blogger is not allowing my pictures to import in.  I'm working on it.....and this post would have been better with pic's.

While comfort quilt # 21 was still on the longarm I started thinking about what color I wanted to bind the quilt in.  I should have been thinking about getting it done.....but then I have had quilt ADD for a while now, and just have trouble staying focused.

I went to closet and started pulling fabric from sacks of donated fabric that I had stored in there.   SHHHH don't tell my husband that I have a stash of sacks waiting to be sorted and put in the nice basket/shelving unit that he spent all that time on.  I had such good intentions......

Anyway back to binding (see what I mean about ADD, I have the attention span of a knat!)  Here are some of the choices I pulled out to audition against the quilt.

There was a green that matched the green in the florals.  There was a purple that altho it matched the purple in the florals also it was immediately rejected because it was just to light.  Then I pulled out this deep wine colored fabric.  It matched the dark pansies wonderfully so it stayed in the mix.

I had it narrowed to the dark green and the wine colored fabric. I needed some guidance so I had my husband come in and give me an opinion.  He thought that the wine colored fabric looked better.  It is only now as I am writing this post that I remember dear hubby is colored blind, and can't really see green. Green is his least favorite color because it looks brown to him.  Duh I wonder why he picked the wine fabric? So we checked it against the backing material. Decision made and I was happy with the choice....the wine colored fabric was the right choice for the quilt. I put all of the runner ups back into that sack of fabric for sorting.  Then I measured the wine fabric...18 inches width of fabric...not enough..ARRGGH.   No problem off to the local quilt shop, I was sure Jacque had used that fabric in a shop sample.  Well actually it was in a BOM a COUPLE of years ago.... so no she did not have any left.  As luck would have it thou she had the exact shade the darker sashing in the quilt. 

Jacque cut a yard of fabric for me. As I was getting ready to check out, Lonnie asked if it the quilt was a comfort quilt.  When I told her yes, she said that she would donate the fabric and paid for it.  Such a good friend!  Thank you for the donation Lonnie!

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