Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ICQ # 32 & 33

While I was visiting my Dad for Fathers Day, these two quilt tops came in to Adel Dry Goods and Quilting for our comfort quilts.

They were both donated by Leslie Jackson.  Jacque tells me that Leslie also has the binding made for them and that she has volunteered to bind them also. (So love that!).  Both of the quilts are pretty much the same. Check them out.

Here is the first top.

Here is the second top.

These tops are almost mirror images of each other, except the blocks are set just a little different in each version.  Also look at the upper right hand corner... each quilt has a setting block in the border. Each of those is different also.

When I first saw these quilts I went Oooohhhhh!  Second thought was...that border material looks familiar.  I think Nancy donated a bunch of that fabric, or something similar.  Note to self must open closet door and see if by chance I have any of that fabric left to use as backing material on one or both of these quilts.

I hope to have one of these tops done in July, and the other is scheduled the first week of August to be quilted.

A big thank you again to Leslie for donating them.

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