Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answer to your question

I have heard from several of you.  You have asked how you can help.  I LOVE that you would like to help in this community project.....and believe me I want your help!

That being said I am also mindful that the holidays are fast approaching.  So I think I will set up our first community sew day for just after the first of the year.  Until then, I will continue to cut fabric so we will have things to sew that day.  Right now I have three twin size quilts ready to be sewn together.  Once the tops are completed I will bring them home and get them quilted and finished up for donation.

I envision the community sew days, with volunteers working in groups to complete a kit, we will need quilters, but I want everyone to feel like they can help.  Sew (pun intended there) if you don't sew but want to help, come on out and I'll put you to work ironing fabric or cutting fabric for another kit.

Another way you can help right now is by donating fabric....I'm not asking for you to go out and buy fabric.....I'm not even asking for your stash.....I'm thinking  of our your scraps from other quilting projects.  Those little chunks of fabric that was just big enough you couldn't throw it away......but not big enough that you know what to do with it.  Currently you can drop off fabric for donation at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, and at the Perry Library (ask for Mary).  I hope to have a couple more drop offs in the near future.  Or of course you can email me and I will be glad to arrange for a pick up in the event of a large donation......see picture in previous post. :-)  You can email me at, or just leave a comment here.

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