Monday, October 31, 2011

Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center

My goal with this project is to take the left over scraps from other quilt projects and make quilts of comfort, and try to keep the quilts within the local community.  I was fortunate enough to find a local organization that has a true need for these quilts.

Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center is a local center providing essential services for victims of domestic and sexual violence and homelessness.  All of their services are free, voluntary, confidential and available to all without discrimination.  The center has two housing facilities for a total of 20 twin size beds, and several full and queen size beds.

As residents transition from the center to long term housing, the center helps provide the necessities needed to set up housekeeping.  So there will always be a need for the quilts.

I recently had a customer bring me a sack of scraps to use for this project….take a look at her generosity.

I have already cut two kits from this fabric, and identified several pieces large enough to be backing material.  I’m pretty sure that if I find the right pattern I will be able to cut at least 2 more twin size quilts.

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