Saturday, November 5, 2011

With friends like these

Yesterday I had a friend from my quilting circle bring me a quilt that she would like to have quilted.  We started talking about Iowa Comfort, and I attempted to show her some fabric.  Lets just say that I need to figure out a new system for storing fabric.  Once I found the fabric I was looking for, I asked Penny if she thought just large squares, sashed in a coordinating fabric would be the best use of the fabric.  She thought it would be ANDDDDD  she took the fabric home with her to kit it.

Also yesterday my Mom was out and about closing a mortgage in Ankeny.  The home had many quilts on display, so mom struck up a conversation about quilting with the woman.  Long story short, this woman is going to see if she can round up some scraps from her circle of friends for the cause.

And last but certainly not least, I spoke with my youngest son yesterday afternoon.  One of his coworkers also quilt.  In conversation he mentioned the project, his coworker was headed for a retreat I believe (just my guess from my son's description)  long story short she thought she might be able to talk to her group about supporting Iowa Comfort.

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