Thursday, October 13, 2011

Donation fabric

I had a customer call me yesterday and ask if there was any way I could quilt a lap size quilt for her before Nov. 1.  She told me that it was going to be auctioned off, for a local abuse shelter.  After hearing about what the quilt was going to be used for I told her that I would quilt it for her next week, and that I would donate my quilting services.  She immediately thanked me and quickly told me that she was willing to pay for my services.  I responded that I fully supported the work of the organization, and that I hoped to be making quilts from scrap fabric for a similiar organization close to my home.  The customer loved the idea, and has offered to bring some of her scrap fabric to help the cause.

I originally thought I would be making lap size quilts, and I will.  But the true need is for twin size to queen size quilts.  I need to get back to the drawing board and find patterns that will go together quickly and lend themselves to the scrappy look. 

Anyone know of any?


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts. My "go to" quick quilt patterns are "Yellow Brick Road," Take Five" and the series of "Turning Twenty" directions.

    Good luck with your project! See you on the APQS forum.

    Sandra Darlington

  2. Thank You for the suggestions, I am having so much fun with this project.

    Hubby not so much.....I have kind of taken over the house with it. LOL