Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Started working on some blocks

I have started working on my blue drawer.  Actually that drawer holds left over pieces of fabric from other quilting projects in the blue/ green color family.  My memory is beginning to fail......because I don't remember ever buying some of this fabric.  No worries though, I'm starting with a simple 9 patch for this quilt.  The blocks will be 9 inch finished in blue and white.  The corners and center of the 9 patch will be blue, white will fill in the rest of the block.  I'm sure that all of the different hue's of blues will make it a very pretty quilt when it is finished.  I think I am going to need 41 blocks to make a twin size quilt, with 40 offset white blocks.  Well at least that is what the math tells me right now,  we will see when I get it all layed out if the math was right.

Quilt #2 will be in purples.  The pattern that I found for it is called Lasagna by Terry Atkinson.  It will be a very quick quilt!  It is just 4 inch strips of fabric sewed together in varying lengths.  Think of the jelly roll races except you sew them together and chop at 54 inches.  I recently had a customer bring this quilt to finish for her.  I studied it for a REALLY LONG time trying to figure out the pattern.  Silly me the upside to this pattern is that there really isn't one, just cut fabric and sew.

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