Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to cut fabric

Well today I started looking at free patterns.  I looked on line and found several that I think I can modify to lap size.  So tonight I am going through my scraps to see what I can kit up,  That way I will be ready to start sewing after I get my four commitments completed.  I have three  queens and a wall hanging to complete prior to starting on my charity quilts.  Good news is that there is a progress on that front.

In the mean time I have volunteered to quilt 2 quilts for a friend in northern Iowa.  She organizes community sew days  three or four times a year.  I'll throw them on the longarm and get them quilted next week for her.

There is also a group of woman who have been making baby quilts for the local hospitals. That I have extended my longarm services to. 

Sew (pun intended) I can start working on my project of charity quilts even if I am not quite ready to start sewing the tops. :-)

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