Sunday, October 2, 2011

About me

I am a retired Postmaster that loves to quilt.  I developed the habit just before my granddaughter Lexi was born.....geesh she will be 10 in a couple of months.  I think I have probably made over 75 quilts in those 10 years.  And when I was working for the Postal Service, quilting was my therapy.  If I got stressed out I would play with fabric for stress relief.

Recently I asked my dear husband to make another quilt ladder for me.  He asked why?  It really was a valid question considering that I have two built in quilt racks that hold 6 to 9 quilts, a quilt ladder and 4 quilt hangers on the walls.  I told him that I had ran out of room for storing my quilts.  His response is that it might be time to find new homes for them. And I will, I just have to find the right home for each of them.  You know when someone comes in and see's the quilt and their eyes light up.  That is when I know that the quilt will be loved, and more times than not I'll take it down and hand it to the person.....okay reality check, only if I really like the person and I am feeling generous that day. LOL

In addition to all of my quilts, I have TONS of scraps.  I learned really early that I did not follow directions well, and after a couple of times of not being able to find additional fabric, I ALWAYS buy more fabric than the pattern calls for.  Now I have 10 years of scraps.  I think they need to find homes too.  So Iowa Comfort was conceived.

I have donated many quilts for charities that end up going out of state.  I want to start a group that quilts with scraps for Iowa charities.  Not just kids, but wherever there is a need for warmth or comfort.

So my goal next year is to make 12 lap size quilts for Iowa charities from my scraps.  Is there anyone who would like to join me? 

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