Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quilt # 3 from Phyllis

As promised last week, I have Phyllis W third quilt to show this week.

Before I do I want to thank Penny W for refreshing my memory on these tops.  Shortly after I posted last week, Penny let me know that Phyllis was her mother.  Then way back in the deep corners of my brain I vaguely remember Penny giving them to me as a donation.  I am relieved, because I didn't have them as long as I had feared.... but I still had them to long before they got completed.

Here is her third donation.  The pattern is called Urban Cabin and was created in deep forest green, and bright reds, creams and greens.  This quilt measures 53 X 76, so could be used on a twin size bed. I had a local church contact me this week.  They had a family in need and could use a couple of bed quilts.  I am thinking that this quilt will be sent to them along with a double size quilt.  I have a call in to them, and should get them donated the first of the week.

I want to thank Phyllis for your generous gifts of time, talent and fabric.  I also want to thank my binding buddy Nancy H. there is no way I could keep caught up if I did all the binding by myself.

The lesson learned here is that now not only will they be tagged with the donors name, but it will also have the date of donation on them also.  I am hoping that I can infact put that into action. You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks.

On a side note, I saw the surgeon yesterday and he has lifted my restrictions.  That means I can quilt again and drive again.  So one of my goals this week is to deal with this:

This is my closet in my quilt room.....and those are all completed projects.  It is time to make some room, so it is time to make some deliveries.  I plan on taking the wheel chair quilts to a senior facility in Winterset.  I have two friends who had a parent at that facility.  Both rave about how well their parents were taken care of, so I think it is a perfect place to donate to.  I might check out if the Madison County Hospital could use some of the toddler quilts also this week.  (You know as long as I am driving that way).

Hope you have a great week.

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