Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A couple of finished projects

Well I am just going to admit to being embarrassed.  I had a goal  to have all of the Iowa Comfort quilt tops quilted before my surgery.  

But in my search I found several tops that I had forgotten that  I had.

Call it poor organization skills....or just plain old age....but when I ran across them I really had no recollection of  receiving them.

So I must apologize to Phyllis W for what I can only assume has been far to long to get these completed.

Phyllis donated three tops.  Two of them will be featured today, the third is out being bound and should make next weeks post.

This is the first quilt she donated.  The pattern is called bricks and the quilt measures 52 X 66.  It may end up going to the chemo treatment facility or it may be donated to a senior center.  It is a little big for a wheel chair quilt.... but the quilt reads masculine to me....and I could see it being well received by some gentleman at a senior center.

This is the second quilt donated by Phyllis.  The pattern is called Crayon Box.  The quilt measures 57 inches square.

As you can see it is a scrappy version of a log cabin of sorts.What you might not be able to see very well is that all the fabrics are floral, in various size print.  Some of the prints are so small they read as a solid, and then some are large and are obviously a floral. 

This picture does not do the quilt justice.  It is a bright and fun quilt.  Again because of the size I am not exactly sure where this quilt will end up....but I know that it will find a good home where it will be loved and cherished.

I am hoping to feature Phyllis's third quilt next week, subject to it coming back from the binder this week.

Speaking of finding good homes for our quilts.  If anyone is aware of a local organization that might have a need for a quilt let me know.  Even if your church has an outreach program, or something like that.  My only hope is that we can keep the quilts local, hopefully Dallas, Madison counties.

Phyllis, I do sincerely apologize again for the quilts not being completed prior to now.... I just don't know how I forgot to get them into the rotation.  I am grateful that I decided to combine all of Iowa Comfort projects back into two rooms, this is how I found them and got them quilted.  

Thank you so much for your generosity of time, talent and fabric.

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for taking a look at the post.

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