Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finished projects and donations!

I had a doc appointment last week, and he cut my restrictions....so this past week has been a really fast and furious quilting week.

It is good to be back in the quilting room, and it felt really good.

This quilt got completed.  It was pieced by Judi B.  I have had it for awhile.  Jan M. donated some bright floral flanel that was perfect for the backing of this quilt.  

Now this quilt was going to be designated as a chemo comfort quilt.  Here is the kicker, I am having a hard time finding homes for them.  You see the chemo treatment facilities would love to have them....but the higher ups are concerned with liabilities.

  Possibility of germs, causing infection.  I understand the concern, they suggested that we find individuals to give them to.  That way the treatment center is not liable.  So if you know someone that going through treatment and could use a quilt to take with them give me a call.

It is a great, cozy quilt.  Very comfy and will make someone very comfortable.  Thank you Judi and Jan.

The fabric for this quilt was donated by Fons and Porter.  It was pieced by Colleen T. and bound by Joyce S. for us.  I am going to sound corny here....but it really does take a village of volunteers for Iowa Comfort to work.  I am so grateful for all of my volunteers.

Speaking of Joyce S.  when she dropped off the above quilt she brought a few more presents for us.

5 bright and colorful pillowcases.

Joyce was on a mission to use up the flannel in her tote at home.  So she pieced together this top for us.

Now I love all donations.  This one is special because there is no doubt about it..... it is masculine.  This one has wolves, moose, swordfish and wonderful fall colors.  This is a man's quilt.... and some gentleman at the senior center will love it.

Joyce also sent along the backing for the quilt.  I hope to get it quilted next week.

Brenda A. stopped by this past week also.  She was picking up a couple of quilts that I quilted, she decided to go through her finished quilts and brought this one to donate to a senior center.  Very beautiful and generous.

This bag was full of batting chunks.  Brenda had been saving them for table runners or placemat projects, but she decided that they could be better used in puppy quilts.  Her timing was perfect, I had just used up my final small pieces of batting in projects I hope to show you in the near future.    I have enough batting in here to finish a couple of three projects.

I had eight customer quilts that I finished this past week.  I have two this week and one next week.  Then I will be all caught up and ready to find a balance between my three passions.

Thank you Colleen, Judi, Jan, Brenda and Joyce I appreciate your time, talents and your generosity.

On a side note, it is funny how things work out.  When I could not exercise, I thought I would be working on genealogy.  For whatever reason I could not focus on it.  Now I am clear and all I want to do is exercise, quilt and breakdown brickwalls. There isn't enough hours in the day....  balance that's what I am going to strive for.

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