Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Focus

Well sort of.  We are still going to be making quilts for comfort, I am just expanding our mission.

This past fall I was contacted about providing lap quilts for senior housing facilities.  Additionally I was asked to thinking about providing quilts for patients that were undergoing chemo treatments.  After giving it careful thought....all of about two minutes....<wink wink> I think those would be excellent projects to undertake.

We will continue to do our Hope Quilts for the kids as we have in the past. 

If you would like to provide a lap quilt for the senior centers here are the guidelines:

We will make two sizes for the senior centers.  I was specifically asked if we could make several for patients in wheel chairs.  

Because of the wheel chair these quilts must be a specific size, 36 x 36.  That is the maximum size they can be, otherwise they will wreak havoc with the patients mobility.

The second size for the senior centers is 45 X 45.  These will be for seniors that have no mobility restrictions.

Should you decided to make a donation top please remember that we will need quilts for both genders.... we tend to get for femine donations... so if you can keep the quilt gender nuetral that would be great.

For the chemo patients we need a little larger quilt.  I spoke with my Aunt and a friend that were undergoing treatment, and they agreed that a quilt to cuddle under while undergoing treatment is wonderful treat.  Now I am going to try very hard to use flannel as a backing on these quilts to make them extra toasty.

Here are the min. and max. for those quilts.

These quilts can be anywhere from 50 to 60 inches wide, and should be about 70 inches long.

The varying widths will accomodate just about everyone, and the length will make sure that a six foot person can be snug as a bug in a rug.

Of course we will still take other quilts outside of these projects...but this is where the focus will be this year.

Speaking of focus, with it being a new year I thought it was a good time to clean my quilt room and take inventory of what I have in the que.

I spent Sunday and Monday cleaning and preping for future quilts.  I discovered that I have 10 quilt tops to be quilted for Iowa Comfort ranging from Hope quilts to several bed size quilts.

I measured each top, found a backing for it, and cut the batting for the project.  Then the three pieces were placed in a bag waiting for its turn to be loaded on the long arm.  

The goal is to have all of these quilts completed by the February 7th.  Two a week, sounds like a reasonable plan to me.  Of course customer quilts will go to the front of the schedule...should any come in.

I have a bed size quilt on the long arm now.  Here are a couple of Hope quilts that I managed to complete this past week.

Well that is all for now.  I hope everyone stays warm this coming week.

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