Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A new quilt shop in De Soto?????

Well according to my husband there is!  This past weekend I recieved an email from Colleen T.  she had another donation from Fon's and Porter for Iowa Comfort.

I am sure you know that the Fon's and Porter quilt shop in Winterset has closed its doors.  Evidently fabric that wasn't sold was donated to several organizations that donate quilts of comfort.

Iowa Comfort made out like a bandit!  Take a look 

Yes those are bolts of fabric.  And since my customer base is down, and that is how I fund Iowa Comfort, this is my new backing material.  Colleen told me that the skull fabric would be perfect for doggie blankets.  It is the very first bolt in the top picture.  :-)

Just so you can get an idea of the amount of fabric, take a look at the side view.

32 bolts at least 5 yards on each bolt....that is at least 150 yards of fabric for backing.  Much of this fabric is floral and I have a lot of floral fabric for quilt tops.  I think the care centers will love them.

There were 34 fat quarters donated to us also.

A large stack of fleece was donated.  These will be used as covers for the doggy beds.  I plan to get them all sewn up and ready to be used as I fill the doggy beds.  They will look like this when completed.

In addition to the fleece donation we recieved this batting.

Colleen thought that the bumper pads could be used in the dog blankets.  I have never quilted anything with this thick of batting.  So sometime this week I am going to give it a try.  Skull fabric with thick batting.... note to self that binding is probably going to need to be bigger!

There is more fabric to show...but it will wait until next week.

I did get two tops quilted this week.  Only one has been bound, I needed to find a place for all of the fabric.

The goal this week is to quilt two tops, and make up all the fleece covers for future doggy beds.

Thank you just does not seem adequate, but thank you Colleen and Fon's and Porter for the donation.  This donation will help Iowa Comfort meet its mission for the next several years.

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