Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fabric and news

I have been busy quilting and binding this week for Iowa Comfort.  I completed two more quilts and they are ready for donation.  

I am having problems updating the website so the finished quilts will be shown in the near future.  Don't know why every year I have trouble with the photo gallery.

Now the important news prior to showing you the rest of the fabric that was donated.

Most of you know that I fund Iowa Comfort by quilting for customers.  To my quilting customers:

There is going to be at least a six week period from Feb 26 to mid April, that I am not going to be able to quilt.  So if you have a top that you need done prior to May, you need to get it to me soon.

I know that is around graduation time and other events.  So just plan accordingly.

Lets look at fabric!

I love black and white fabric....but to be honest I decided to share the love with this fabric.  Jackie O makes comfort quilts for alumni classmates of ADM.  All of those quilts are made of red, black and white fabric.  That bottom picture can be used for backings on her comfort quilts.  One can never have enough variety of fabric when you are using three colors.  So I sent this fabric home with Jackie, I know she will make wonderful comfort quilts with it.

This fabric keeps getting moved around in my bins.  I can't quite decide it it is feminine, masculine or if it could be considered neutral.  

Determining that will help me know how to cut it.  Fairly confident that this fabric is going to be used for lap quilts for senior facilities.

 This is an entire line of fabric, in various color ways.  Each piece is a half yard cut.  While there is some floral in there, there is also more masculine fabric.  I should be able to cut at least 10 lap quilts out of this fabric.

Another line of fabric in multiple colors.  This fabric screams kids quilt to me.... how about you?  I do have some fun cats and dinosaur fabric that this would complement.

 Just thought I would show you a close up of the fabric.  Kind of reminds me of a night sky.  LOVE IT A LOT!

Hope everyone stays warm this week!  Have a great week, and I will try to get some of the finished projects on the blog next week.

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  1. You really received some absolutely GORGEOUS fabrics as donation fabric. I never get any fabric that looks that lovely! Hmmm...maybe I need to find a way to hook up with a fabric shop that wants to donate fabric to charity projects! My donation fabrics (usually from estates) are mainly 'unique' florals and out dated fabrics from the early 70s (think country blue & mauve)! My friends call it my "Ugly Stash"! LOL But- the fabrics serve us well for donation quilts!