Monday, July 6, 2015

Susan and Millie K

A while back I received an email from Jacque J at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  She had received an email from Susan.  Susan's mother Millie was a hand quilter.  When she passed away, Susan loving boxed all of her mothers fabric up for storage.

Earlier this year Susan set out to find a good home for her mothers fabric.  She contacted Jacque who put me in touch with her.  

I told Susan about Iowa Comfort and our pillow case challenge.  Susan told me that there was yardage in her mothers fabric... and I made an executive decision to break my rule and accept another fabric donation. 

Here is the donation in its original presentation.  I had one focus with this donation.  Cut it, kit it, and get those pillow cases made.

I have worked on this donation for a little over  a month now.

That is 57 pillow cases, ready for donation.  I also have a basket of flannel and solids for other projects.  Several large pieces of backing and about 10 more pillow cases for MaryAnn and I to get sewn up. (It was suggested that Big Bertha should be renamed MaryAnn, and I agreed.)  

Thank you so much Susan for donating your mothers fabric to Iowa Comfort. Your donation will provide comfort to many, and helped us get closer to our goal of 500 pillow cases donated this year.

Oh officially these are pillow cases 359-415. And it is only the beginning of July.

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