Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Bertha

Anybody that knows me knows that each and every sewing machine and pet that I own was named after a  TV character from my youth.

My kitties are Mork and Mindy.  Mork is a spaz and Mindy is a lady.

Hawkeye is named after the Mash character, although most people thought it was for the university.  Don't know why????  Oh yeah look at the previous post....that could be it.  With his sense of hearing, Radar might of been a better choice.

I have domestic sewing machines, their names are Lavern and Shirley...one is a little more dainty and therefore my traveling machine.  The other stays at home...and is really durable (read hefty).

Then there is the long arm....that is Lenni, Squiggy and the Fonz.

Side note; perhaps all this TV time did me no favors later in life.

As most of you know we have a pillow case challenge going on.  I was working on some pillowcases that Sue D. donated.  Wonderful, colorful, soft flannel pillowcases.  I was sewing along on Shirley, and when I got to the flange (six layers of flannel) Shirley threw a hissy fit.  She actually refused to sew for me any longer and demanded a spa day.  THE NERVE OF HER!

I was commenting to my dear hubby how I had so many, many more flannel pillowcases to put together.  He had a solution for me.

Now try as I could, I could not come up with a name for her.....except Big Bertha.  She is a work horse and is making quick work of all the pillow cases I need to sew in the next several weeks.

Here is some fabric, from Tony's donation that I knew I could get a few pillow cases out of.  I spent a night kitting them up and had them ready in case anyone volunteered.

Within a couple of days, Dian W offered to sew a few together for me.  Here they are all put together.  We have cats, peacocks, dragon flies and barnyard animals.  All very unique and colorful.  These might be used as book bags later at the center.  I think they have way to much personality to actually be a pillow case.

Lonnie was checking out the fabric on the sale rack at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  She decided to sew up a couple more for the cause.  I have lost track of how much fabric/ finished cases that she has donated this year.

These are the cases that led to Big Bertha living in my house.  I know she was meant to live in my sewing room, and I am so glad to have her.  I can get these sewn up in half the time it use to take.

With these donations we are officially at 358 pillow cases donated so far this year.  Well over half of our goal, before half of the year is up.

Thank you to Dian, Lonnie and Sue for the donations of fabric, finished pillowcases and your time and talents.

I have a couple of small quilts to bind this week, and I hope to get one bed size quilt on the machine also.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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