Monday, July 13, 2015

Christmas in July

I use to absolutely hate when I would see Christmas anything before Thanksgiving.  I actually still do....but I am going to have to get to a point where I love it because Iowa Comfort needs to get jolly!

Fons and Porter donated a lot of Christmas fabric.  I just could not see making bed size quilts out of this fabric.  I want these quilts to be used or at least special.   

I spoke with the center and asked if lap size quilts would be of any value around Christmas.  I was told that they could be used for clients that do not get adopted, or clients that enter the center to late to be adopted for the holidays.  

So here are 8 kits that I am going to get sewn together and quilted to be used as Christmas gifts this year.

This means I am going to take a break for a little bit from making pillow cases and I will focus on these quilts.  I work better under a schedule, so the plan is to complete at least one, including binding, a week.  

I plan to sew during the day, then cut and press in the evening. It has been a long time since I have I am hoping that I won't be spending a lot of time with my seam ripper. If all goes as planned they should all be completed by the end of plenty of time for Christmas.

This past week was really productive.  I am finding that my boot is really messing with my schedule,  I am limited to what exercise I can safely do.  So a lot of it is not getting done....but the my machines are getting a work out.  Last week I quilted 4 Hope Quilts and a bed size quilt.  All of these quilts are currently out being bound.  

Additionally I was tired of looking at all the piles on my quilt room floor.  I put my nose to the grindstone and created 3 large puppy pool quilts.  Puppy pool quilts are made from left over batting and fabric that for one reason or another won't make it in a quilt for people.  The puppies at AHeintz 57 dog rescue won't care that the batting is uneven or that the fabric doesn't match.  They will just know that they have a soft cuddly quilt to snuggle in when they wear themselves out and want to take a nap. 

I really like that I can see my floor and my sewing surface again.  I am getting the binding on the puppy quilts today so they can be donated soon.

Betty W. stopped by to drop off 6 Hope Quilts this past week, those will be a future post.

This coming week I have three beautiful Asian quilts that were pieced by Joyce, Jackie and Kathy to get on the longarm. They are from the community sew day, and they need to get completed. Lofty goals I know....but that is the plan.

Everyone have a great week!


  1. Try using your serger on the doggie quilts instead of will work great, be fast & the little darlings won't care. Or send me one & I will do it plus I can see the size to make them. KathyB

  2. I did do that on one of them Kathy. My serger needs a little bit of tweeking, so not doing any more until I get the tension right. Make sure to check out the next post. Hoping your offer to bind is still good. Just let me know.