Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I have been really busy with customer quilts, and pillowcases over the last month.  As I was preparing to get our donations in order for delivery, I realized that I didn't have any quilts this time.  And I felt bad.... of course as it always happens about that time I got a call from Adel Quilting that we had a donation drop off there. 

I also got a email from Nancy K.  telling me that she had left us some cute quilts.   And cute they are!  These quilts came to me completely finished and ready for donation.  All I had to do was try to find the right beanie to go with the quilt.

Here is the first quilt:  

So adorable.  Reads little girl to me... in fact my grand daughter was here this last weekend and I caught her eyeing this quilt.  Her room is decorated in black and white with hot pink.  I may have to make her a new quilt for her bed.

I decided to send an angel bear along with this quilt.  Her wings have just a tint of pink in them.  Much like the body of this quilt.  Did you catch that one pink square in the picture above? I love it.  I don't know if it was by design or a make do...either way I think it makes the quilt, don't you? 

Here is quilt # 2 from Nancy.  This quilt belongs to a little boy.  I can already see his smile and how much joy it will bring him.  Now I knew that I was going to send a long a puppy with this quilt.  So I went searching through that tub of beanies for the perfect puppy. (see post from 5-19-15 to see that tub)

I was so hoping that I would find a Dalmatian in that tub. I was not that fortunate.  But I did find this little guy that will be accompanying the quilt to the center.  I am sure that the little guy that gets this will love the quilt and the puppy!

Here is quilt # 3.  This one could belong to a boy or a girl.  It is farm themed... and adorable.

Mr. Red Bull, jumped out of that tub, and told me that he belonged with this quilt.  I had originally picked out a cute pink pig.  But he quickly explained that the pig would make it a girl quilt...so it could not be.

And just to prove his point he then had me look a the back of the quilt.  He flashed those big black eyes at me and said " I also match the color of the backing....it was meant to be".  And so it was.

I may be a little punchy....having conversations with the beanie babies.

Here is what I do know for sure.  All of these quilts are adorable, they will be loved, and they will bring a smile to a little person in the very near future.  I plan to make a delivery of these quilts and pillow cases this coming week.

I am going to try to work on getting a couple of quilt tops quilted this week.  I think I will set the goal of one bed size and two Hope quilts.  I will worry about binding them after I actually get them quilted.  I am also cutting pillow case kits, this week.

Thank you again Nancy for your generous donation.  The quilts are wonderful, the quilting was precious and finished projects always make me smile!  Thanks again to Adel Quilting for their on going support of Iowa Comfort.

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