Tuesday, November 5, 2013


So as I was getting ready to write my next post I reread my last post.

INSERT GIBBS HEAD SMACK HERE...... where was the after shots of the doggy beds that I promised in my last post.

I tell you this getting old thing is for the birds! There are days that I get up from the chair to do something only to walk into a room and wonder what I was going there for.

On the other hand....by forgetting to complete my last post.  I now have an additional post in the que.  I will take all the small victories I can at this point in time.

 So I reworked all of the casings for the doggy beds.  Here is the back and front of one them.  A much better fit for sure.  And as you can see Hawkeye wants to put his seal of approval on it.
As the afternoon progressed I realized that I liked a little deeper cuff on the overlap.  This one ended up being the one that I will model all others by.  There is about a 4 inch overlap on it, and I think it will keep the bed securely inside until staff decides to wash the casing.

The lesson I learned is that in the future, all of the doggy beds will be one of three sizes.  

In the past I let the size of the material determine the size of the bed.  That plan worked great for using up non quilting fabric.... but didn't make the best bed.  

Now I can cut the doggy bed, and the sham and deliver a bed to Aheintz57 that will be more manageable to keep clean.

Oh, and I would like to thank all of the gals from "Lady of the Lake" retreat, the annual quilt retreats put on by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I received an e mail from Jacque this morning that they have 3 dog beds ready to be finished.  Over the last week they filled 3 beds with the scraps from their cutting tables. I love that we are able to help the dogs, and lower what we send to the land fill.

Have a great week everyone.  I will have two customer quilts to finish this week.....but I may get to binding quilt 121.

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