Tuesday, November 26, 2013


As Thanksgiving approaches I have taken a moment to reflect on all that I am thankful for.

There are the standards, family, friends, health (when I am not sick...which does not reflect my current situation) my husband and my children.

I am also really thankful for everyone who has helped Iowa Comfort over the last two years.  We have put 120 + quilts into the local community.

And although I have tried really hard to recognize everyone who has had a helping hand in Iowa Comfort....I realized that I neglected to recognize a group of people. My quilting customers.  

I fund Iowa Comfort by quilting for others, without them there would not be an Iowa Comfort.

Jenni O brought me this Halloween quilt

She also had gone on line and picked out the spider web pattern that I quilted it with.

Here is what that pattern looked like on Fonzi.

This quilt was a jelly roll quilt... so not to large I think it was about 50 inches wide....but one row took 21,789 stitches.  There was a lot of back-stitching in this pattern to make those spider webs.  

The quilt turned out great and Jenni really liked the finished product.  I had also quilted another small quilt for her at the same time.

The funds I earned from these two quilts allowed me to purchase a roll of batting for Iowa Comfort.  A roll of batting will probably bat 10 bed-size quilts this coming year.

So to all of my quilting customers, thank you for your support of Iowa Comfort....without you there truly would not be an Iowa Comfort.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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