Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goodies from Circle of Friends

First let me apologize for missing Saturdays post.  I could blame it on getting old, I could blame it on being busy...and the truth would probably be somewhere in the middle.  I had writing my blog post on my calendar for last Friday, what I forgot to put on the calendar was that Little Owen was coming to visit that day. 

Now I knew that Owen was coming for an overnight visit on Friday... but because I didn't have both on my calendar the post didn't get created.  Had they both been on my calendar I would have realized how ludicrous it was to think I would be sitting at a computer creating a post with a soon to be 1 year old and a fourteen week old puppy in the house!

Lets get to Iowa Comfort business....shall we?

Last Monday I went to my quilt meeting in Adel, and I came home with goodies.

 Nancy H. brought me this bag of doggy scraps.
 Sue D. had dropped off a bag of doggy scraps at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  
I leave one bed at open sew, so all of the fabric can go into the doggy bed instead of the trash.  I picked it up also and closed it up.  It is the pillow in the lower part of the picture above.  Sue, Nancy and Mary's scraps filled the other two beds.  I have enough scraps cut down now to make another 2 beds, so I will try to get them done this week.
 In Sue's bag, there was this really nice, soft fabric.  I thought about putting it in the doggy beds....but thought that it could be used as something soft for smaller dogs to lay on.  So the shelter is getting these as is.  Hopefully they won't mind that the fabric sheds a little.
 Jan brought me 3 more pillowcases for the center.
Sue had a pillowcase in one of her sacks also.

With these 4 pillowcases we are at 56 for the year.  Well on the way to reaching our goal of 75.

This week I hope to trim and bind 3 comfort quilts and quilt another of the log cabin tops. We'll see how well my plan is executed this week........

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend despite the weather!

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