Monday, May 20, 2013

I am such a slacker!

This week has come and gone....and I have accomplished nothing. Puppy training is kicking my backside.  My day is starting at 5am, when Hawkeye decides it is time to go out and be feed.  I rarely feel awake enough to even try to piece or quilt.

I have been working on a quilt at night.  It is the only quilt that I will keep for myself.  I am down to all the handwork on it. I made myself a promise that this quilt would make it into the little sister quilt show in Adel, in a couple of weeks.  Actually it was suppose to be completed last year for the quilt show.

I think I will make it, but just barely.  

Hopefully I will have progress to report on Tuesday.


I have no idea why this didn't post on Saturday, when it was suppose to. Perhaps it wasn't worthy.....

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  1. I want to hang it in my new quilting studio so I need to make it smaller anyways. I hope that is okay. Can't wait to see this quilt when it is finished! slackline