Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lucy AGAIN?????

Every so often I feel like I am in an I Love Lucy rerun.  I of course am always playing the star role of Lucy, that ditsy lovable redhead. (or at least that is how I think of her)

As you probably all know, I have started a campaign for an add on to my house or a separate building for all things quilt related.  My loving husband, who plays Dezi to my Lucy is really a good sport.  He really takes in stride my creative spirit (meaning the mess that I leave all over the house and everywhere else).  All three bedrooms, or what use to be bedrooms, are now either fabric storage, office or sewing and quilting rooms.  And rarely are they neat and tidy....but I always know where everything is.

Over the past week I have expanded my boundaries within the house.  I have branched out to the downstairs, our main living space... hence the title to this post!

 Several months ago I set up a table downstairs so I could cut fabric or iron fabric at night and still be in the same room as my dear hubby.

Usually this table has a cutting mat, small ironing mat and my iron on it.  Oh yeah and the two kitty pillows that my kitties sleep on at night.

But the bottom picture shows what you see when I come down my stairs....I really need to clean up this area!  I received my batting order and it didn't make it all the way to its storage space ( I cut batting down there on that table also). That tub under the table needs to be gone through to see if I can make any more pillowcase kits out of it.  And that sack of fabric is a sack from my trunk, yes I store fabric there also, that I need to measure, iron and fold. 

I do so love my hubby, he never says a word about my messes (maybe because he knows my response will be "I need an add on") he just took one look at me, and I read his eyes, they are saying "Lucy again?"

I am waiting on a call for customer support for Fonzi (total operator error!) while I'm waiting I am tackling this mess and putting the downstairs back to order.

I have just two weeks before I leave again for 6 days, this time on a cruise.  I have 6 quilts that need to be quilted prior to that departure, all customer or charity quilts...none of these are actually Iowa Comfort quilts.

It is going to be a busy busy couple of weeks!

If any one see's the quilting or cleaning fairy, please send her De Soto for me will you???

Have a great week everyone!

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