Saturday, April 20, 2013

The gals from Adel Christian Church have been busy again!

Last week when I went to open sew I brought back home several quilt tops.  All of these quilt tops are the result of the ladies from the Adel Christian Church.  These ladies get together and sew for local charities.  Last year I offered to quilt the quilts designated for Blank Childrens hospital.  

Late last fall I had a large bag of flannel donated to Iowa Comfort.  It just so happened that Donna was picking up a couple of quilts I had finished for the hospital.  Donna made the mistake of saying that she was bored....and I jumped on the chance to offer her the bag of flannel.  My thought was that she could just play with it at her leisure and send completed tops back to me.  We will just say that Donna had other plans.  She took the sack to the next meeting at church.. and the ladies have been making quilt tops for us when they get together.  Margaret has laughingly told me that the sack has been dubbed " the sack without a bottom", as is it seems that all of the tops they have made hasn't put a dent in the volume of fabric still there.

Let's take a look at their latest creations:
 There are actually two quilts like this!  I love the movement in these quilts.  It looks like the butterflies are swimming over  Caribbean waters! (Or maybe that is just me dreaming of my vacation)
 Isn't this top adorable?  I especially like the diagonal row of little hands and feet right down the middle of quilt that merges with  the outside border!
 No doubt that this will be a favorite again!  A quilt with this same fabric was a hit previously.  You can't see it  to well from this picture, but there are little paw prints in the black and white fabric. I have some donated fleece with puppies on it, that might end up being the backing material for this one.  That is if I get brave enough to try it.  I'm pretty sure I have some red flannel for binding also.
The last one brings a smile to my face!  So bright and cheery.  Butterflies, flowers and little birds.  I love the quilt, and yet I know that I would never have thought about putting the two pieces of fabric together.  I am so lucky that these gals have better fabric sense than me!
Last but not least by any means is this quilt.  It is a little bigger than the others and much to my delight is 100% boy themed. (so much of that never ending bag of flannel was girl themed).  I can see the smiling face of the little guy that will get this quilt.  It has all of the sports represented that little boys dream of playing.... and maybe a few that he might not know about.

A big thank you to the gals from the Adel Christian Church, for all of their help; not only for Iowa Comfort but for all of the organizations that you help out!
PS for those of you who are wondering, yes I am on vacation and today I am in Cozumel, Mexico.  We are going to snorkel, shop and have lunch at Jimmy Buffets today.  I love that I can schedule posts in advance. 

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