Saturday, April 13, 2013

Delivery time again.

Yesterday was a busy day for me.  We had Open Sew in Adel, and I spent the day getting binding on comfort quilts, chopping stuffing for future doggy beds and sewing on a couple of projects.

But before I went to Open Sew I made a delivery to the Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center.  This months delivery had 8 children quilts, 4 baby afghans and 11 pillowcases.

You can find pictures of of all the quilts in the 2013 gallery above, they are quilts 34,57,66,70,71,73,74 & 77.  But here is a picture as I am getting them ready for delivery;

 Won't those quilts bring a smile to some young persons face!  So bright and colorful!  AND SOFT!

Speaking of soft these adorable little afghans will brighten someones life also!  Made with love by Donna.

And I finally got all of the completed pillowcases together in one place.  We have 11 so far this year.  Here is a picture of them before I loaded them in the car.

As you can see we are looking for functional more than exquisite.  The goal is to get 75 pillowcases to CIAC again this year... we are currently at 11.  So if you can help out with this goal it will be greatly appreciated.  It takes a total of a yard of fabric from at least 2 or 3 different fabrics.  Do you have some fabric in your stash that you don't know what to do with?

Next week I am traveling again, I wonder if I can find a quilt shop in Cozumel Mexico???

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