Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A little help from my friends

As you ready this I am doing last minute errands before my cruise. Don't hate me, but the weather is suppose to be in the low 80's this week in the Caribbean. When I get back I am really going to focus on quilting the tops that I have ready to quilt.  And I am ready to do it....but there is a problem.

As I am sure you are all aware I do put a label on the back of the quilts.  Last year and earlier this year we (mostly Diane) were creating beautiful labels that were embroidered.  That worked well, but is not very practical now since we are doing over 60+ quilts in a year.  So although they are not as pretty, I have gone to making labels with printed treasures fabric sheets.

So far I am not in love with them.  So I was wondering any of you that are software savvy might take on this challenge.  I am looking for someone to make me a template that can be edited in a software program.  Here is what I am currently putting on the labels:

Iowa Comfort # 98

Pieced and quilted by
friends of Iowa Comfort


I need to be able to edit the quilt number and the year.  I would also love a pretty purple scroll to go around the outer borders of the label.  ( I know I don't want much at all).

When I visualize the label I don't see it as being large.  In fact I think if I could get 4 to 6 labels off of one printed treasure sheets that would be just about right.

Is there anyone out there that has the skills to create this template?  I really don't want to have to ask my techie son for help on this one! LOL.

I would really appreciate the help!  BTW I do have " Office 2010" it that helps at all. (it didn't help me, but maybe one of you will have better luck)  You can leave me a comment here, or send an Email to IowaComfort@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance for even giving it a thought!


  1. I'm running an earlier version of Office but I would think things would be in a similar location so here's what I'd do in Word:
    Go to "Tools", select Letters and Mailings, select Envelopes and Labels, choose the tab that says Labels, if you click on options you can choose what size. If you type in what you want in the box on the screen and have the box checked that says full page of the same label then it will show you a page all the same. You can then go in and edit each one to change the number and/or year.

    I just noticed that you also wanted a scroll. Below is a link that goes to a Microsoft template for doing wedding placecards. I believe you can change the color of the scroll work. Good luck.


    1. Thanks Virginia, I have been playing with your information. Still haven't mastered it...but then again I could have lack of concentration right now. :-)