Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The rest of Diane & Lois's donation

On Saturday I showed you the first couple of tubs that Diane and her mother donated to Iowa Comfort. Here is a picture of that donation just as a refresher:

In that middle tub ( the grey one with the green lid) there was some fabric, but mostly it was chunks of batting that can be used in either the hope quilts or our doggy mats.

Then there was the blue tub to go thru.  I worked on it Sunday as I was quilting a customer quilt.  Here is what I ended up with out of that tub.

Now that is the same stack of fabric, just from different angles.  Count them....yes that is an additional 14 bolts of fabric.  Most of those bolts have a minimum of 3 yards of fabric on them.  So lets just call it another 42+ yards of fabric. 

Much of this fabric will be used for backing material for the hope quilts.  Since we have 35 of the hope quilts kitted already,  I will be busy piecing backings together for them later this month and early next year.

Thank you again Diane and Lois for the donation.  I will put all of the fabric to good use.

PS.  I really am out of room now, so please either hold on to any future donations, or donate to another charity that can use the fabric.  Thanks so much for being so generous and awesome!

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