Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pic's from Saturday

This past Saturday was the community sew day.  Six of us got together and had a day of sewing and fellowship.

The day started late because I was unable to get the lights to come on.  Luckily for the group Carol is a maintenance manager and realized the breaker box I was looking at wasn't the correct one.  Carol to the rescue.... and there was light!

Once we had light (and coffee) we were able to get started on the kits.  I was bad.... I had previously skimmed  the instructions....and was pretty sure I knew what to do. HA!  We will just say my version of the quilt top was less like Bonnie Hunters pattern, and more like chevrons..but it is all good.

I was really busy sewing on Saturday so I did not get a lot of pictures....oh I will be honest.  I worked hard to get the pictures that I did get because NO ONE wanted their picture taken. (Can't say that I blame them....there is a reason I am always behind the camera).
Here is Carol, getting ready to put a border on the quilt.... or was she just hiding.  You decide.
I managed to get this picture of Kathy while she was measuring her outer border.
Nancy didn't see that I had the camera out when she was at the ironing table.
Joyce figured that she might as well give in...so she flashed that beautiful smile for me.

Penny did manage to avoid the camera....as did I.

Margaret and Jan knew that they were not going to be able to make it to the sew day, but they asked for a kit and made one up earlier.

We ended up with 12 of the kits being completed.  I will work on quilting the tops after the first of the year.

Thank you to everyone who came to help out or took a kit home.  I really appreciate your help and support!

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