Monday, November 12, 2012

Sue Denny part 2

Today I am going to show you the rest of Sue's donation.  There are still three boxes to share with you.  Here are the content of two of those boxes.

 Above there are some large pieces of white fabric, sit either pink or blue little flowers on them.  There is also a bag of smaller pieces that can be cut down to be used in a 9 patch quilt I have on the design wall.
 There were several pieces of kids novelty prints.  A large piece of batik fabric, with coordinating bright fabric to use with it.  And see that fabric in the top row 4th from the right?  It is the PERFECT fabric to bind a comfort quilt that I just finished on the long arm.  LOVE IT!
 A whole jumbo bag (2.5 gallon) of sewing/quilting themed fabric.
 Also a jumbo bag of child fabric.  We have Winnie, Thomas, Humpty Dumpty, Elmo and Hello Kitty in there.
This is the last of the fabric from these two boxes....mostly in the blue family. 

And then there is the last box that I opened.

I did not have a space large enough in my house to lay it out flat! This is a queen/king quilt top.  I recognize the pattern it is called Radiant.  And remember that bag of sewing themed fabric from above? Take a look.
All of the fabric in the top is sewing themed.... spools of thread, scissors, buttons and more!

This quilt top even came with a back....
 Above is a picture of the pieced back, and below is a close up of some of the different fabrics that are in the pieced back.

Now isn't that just adorable and SMART!  I have recently gone to piecing backs together for several of the hope quilts.  As of yet I have not gotten this creative.... but I think I see it in my near future.

THANK YOU SUE for your wonderful donation!

I have a few more donations to show you in upcoming posts, and some pictures of deliveries made.  So don't forget to come back and visit the blog.

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