Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lucy you have some xplainin to do!

Earlier this week I heard that very phrase from my husband. 

It went something like this.

"Honey I'm starting to cook lunch." 

"Okay, but I have a lady coming over from Adel with a fabric 

Hubby says' " I thought you got the word out that you don't have any room right now to store more fabric?" 

Me " But the lady didn't get the news and she already had it loaded and was at the quilt shop... so I told the shop to send her on over."

A little while later up drives Dianne Melendez in her SUV.  I walk out to greet her and realize that I might have a little problem.

Diane's mother Lois Schmid was in the middle of a move, and they took the opportunity to reduce Diane's and Lois' stash.  The back of her SUV was full!  

I quickly decided that since it was a nice day, we would just unload the car on the bench out back, and I would bring it all in after I ate my lunch....and when my husband was back downstairs. Which is exactly what I did!  Take a look...

I brought it all in and stacked it up in my computer room...hubby rarely comes in there. Those two bottom tubs are 77 gallon tubs, the top one was a 55 gallon tub, and a large sack of fabric.  And you know, I no more got it all stacked and my dear hubby came into my room.  He took one look at the stack and said "Lucy you have some xplainin to do!"  We both cracked up and he said "Seriously where are you going to put it all?"

Yesterday while in the quilt room, I tackled the top two tubs.

 There were lots of flannel pieces.

Check out all of the butterfly fabrics.

And all of these floral fabrics.

And then there is this.  If there was more than 2 yards of the fabric, it went on a bolt.  There are 26 bolts there... for a minimum of 52 yards of fabric.  I still have that bottom tub to dive into, so make sure to come back on Tuesday to see what was in that bottom tub.

A big THANK YOU to Diane and Lois for sharing their fabric with Iowa Comfort.  I know a lot of this fabric will be used to piece together backs for the Hope Quilts.

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  1. WOW! You received a LOT of beautiful fabrics....and such LARGE pieces that were donated! What wonderful donations!