Saturday, December 3, 2011

I should be quilting

Yes I have a quilt waiting for me in my quilt room....but I have to do this first! 

Last night Jan Mueller brought back the first quilt.  I was showing the kit and asking for suggestions at my Circle of Friends meeting a couple of weeks ago, and even thou the kit was not completely finished she took it home and pieced it together.  Take a look:

Here it is....or at least as much as I can fit in the camera frame.

Here is a close up of the fall border that was used in a project of mine about 8 years ago.

And here is a close up of the same fabric used in the corner stones.

Once I decided to use the focus fabric, I started pulling from my scraps trying to coordinate the colors of the focus fabric.  Most of the blocks are from left over fabric from a quilt that I made for my brother and from a quilt that I made for my son and daughter in law as a house warming gift.

I hope to have this quilt on the longarm within the next week.  Jan has offered to bind it for me also.
Thank you so much Jan for your generosity!  She even bought backing material for it.

I think it is going to brighten someones day just looking at it.

I have been thinking about how to document these quilts.  Do you think it would be okay just to document them as Iowa Comfort #1 (ect) pieced by Jane Doe quilted by Jane Doe and the month and the year?  I would really appreciate any suggestions on labeling this quilts.  I want to give credit to those that donated their time and talents, but I also want to make sure that we are being respectful of those who will be receiving them.  Please let me know what you think, either here or email me at

Until my next post.......keep warm

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  1. Oh, I really, really like the idea that you are numbering your Iowa Comfort quilts via the label! Great way for you to keep track! You will be amazed at how these numbers will soar once your Charity Sew Days get scheduled! :)