Thursday, December 15, 2011

the labels are on

Yesterday I spent the afternoon setting up my embroidery machine to make labels.  Oh how I hate to do that! 

I thought it would be so nice to have a machine that could do both the embroidery and straight stitch .....NOT!  I find it is a hassle to have to set it up, attach it to the computer, change all the settings every time I want a label.  A good friend of mine told me that I need to just use this machine for the embroidery, and go buy another machine, a smaller and lighter machine for open sew and community sew days.  I wonder if I actually did that, would I make my labels any quicker? But I 'm off topic...

I made three labels yesterday afternoon, one for my sons quilt, and one for each of the Iowa Comfort quilts.  While making the label for the first Iowa Comfort quilt, I ran out of thread.....made it to the very last line that documented when the quilt was made.  Actually had Nov. stitched and then I ran out of thread (did I mention I hate making labels?)  So I found the closest thread I could find to the original  color and finished the label.   Well we will just say that the label will have to be unique with two thread choices in it.

Last night while sitting in front of the TV, I stitched labels on the quilts.  I must have been really tired while doing it because I stuck my finger about 5 times!  Not to worry, I did manage to keep from bleeding on the quilts.

Since the labels are attached, the quilts are ready to be delivered.  This morning, after my morning walk and shower, I plan to deliver them.  I'm hoping that they will brighten someones day.

Until my next post......

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  1. I bet there is some gal out there who has an embroidery machine that would love to make labels for your wonderful project!!! You'll just have to strike up a conversation with friends who have embroidery machines! ;^)