Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Betty W was busy!

Betty is one of our most productive volunteers.  She has been with us since begining four years ago.

Now I love all of my volunteers....but Betty is in a league of her own with this donation.

She has been actively trying to reduce her stash for over a year.  I have tried to give her fabric, and she politely declines the offer.

Every couple of months I will get a call that she has quilts for us.

Here is a sample of the last donation:

Aren't they cute!  I love that this batch is mostly non gender specific.

I also love that they come to us, ready for donation.  Betty pieces the tops, quilts them and binds them.

Betty had called me a few weeks ago and asked if we had the need for these quilts yet.  Last week I saw a request on social media for small blankets for kids being placed in foster care.  I called Betty and told her that I was going to make a donation, and she got her quilts ready for us.
(see last weeks post if you would like to help out)

All of these quilts have already made their way to be put in backpacks to be given to a child in crisis.

Next week I will show you the rest of the donation.

Thank you does not seem adequate Betty....but I truly appreciate your generous spirit.

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