Tuesday, May 3, 2016

As promised

I am having problems with my computer this week.  So this post is going to be short.  Lots of show, and just a little bit of tell.

Last week I showed you the first portion of Betty's donation and I promised I would share the rest today.  So here goes.

Every time I get a donation from Betty, I sit and look at the design.  I know that Betty is working from her stash.  Now I have tons of stash, but I evidently lack Betty's vision.  She makes beautiful quilts and rarely do I see the same pattern more than once in the same donation. Each of these are simple and yet perfect for a small child. (glad I photograph them all.... I can go back and use them for inspiration once I start piecing again) 

I also have a several panels, but I never thought about using them like this.  These are just adorable.  I know that  Betty had a hard time giving a couple of them up.  I did also, they were just so precious.  But I know that whoever ends up with these quilts are going to love them so much more. It would have been a crime to have tried to hold on to them to try to find the right child to give it to.

This is my favorite quilt of the donation.  It was Betty's attempt at a Holy Scrap Quilt. A challenge quilt sponsored by Jacque J at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I was physically unable to make that quilt (hence all the puppy quilts from previous posts). Betty had a few problems with it also so this is her version of the project.  BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you Betty for your generous spirit.  I know you have made many children very very happy.

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