Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Diane L. donated this quilt top to Iowa Comfort. She has donated several tops over the last few years. I love the top, and I love how the fabric placement changes the view of the quilt.

Take a close look.  We have two blocks that have the same fabric placements. Three other blocks that are identical.  Finally four other blocks with same fabric placement.

All of the blocks are the same pattern.  The fabric placement makes each of the blocks look different.

Here is the block up close.

The top had soft florals in it..... so I found this floral in my closet and decided to use it as the backing. It wasn't perfect but...I am getting better at using what has been donated to me.

This quilt was the perfect size to be our first quilt for cancer treatment.  

I want to thank Diane for her generosity to Iowa Comfort over the years.  All of her donations have been wonderful, and I couldn't ask for a better friend to Iowa Comfort or myself.

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