Tuesday, December 22, 2015

IT IS CHRISTMAS and we got a major donation!

Yes I know....I said that I wasn't accepting fabric donations....but for every rule there is a an exception.

As you may know Fon's and Porter have closed their quilt shop in Winterset.

Colleen T. has had the fun task of dispersing some fabric to local organizations that provide comfort.  She thought of us again this year.

Take a look.

These are all wide backs.  

Full fat quarter bundles and another wide backing.

These are all 1 yard cuts, of color coordinated fabric lines.

Also recieved some color coordinated thread to match the fabric.

And as if that wasn't enough, Tony also sent along some flannel.

I have pre cut bricks ready to be sewn together, and several large pieces that can be used as backing.

My mind has been swimming with idea's for this fabric....and it is going to merry very well with next years focus....but that is another post.

All and all there is over 75 yards of fabric.  Pretty and soft fabric. (in my mind I am singing a version of soft kitty....you know the one with the lyrics about fabric)

I feel so very fortunate to be the recipiant of this donation.  We are going to make a lot of people smile next year.

Thank you so much Fon's and Porter, Colleen and Tony!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

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