Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More pillow cases

We have been collecting pillow cases all year long, with a goal of 250 before April first.  We meet that goal.  Then I put out the call to hit 500 before the end of the year.

I don't know if we are going to hit that goal....but we will be closer than I thought we would be.

I just want to thank everyone right now that has helped along the way.  Here are a few more that have been donated.

Kathy B made up these 14 cases for us.  I didn't do a good job of matching them up but there are several matching cases for family beds.  Those are going to come in really handy when someone is trying to set up house again.  Thank you Kathy for all of your support to Iowa Comfort.

Officially these are pillow cases  424-437

Aren't these just the cutest pillowcases!  The fabric was so fun I had to take pictures of all the farm fabric.  Cows, roosters, chicks and pigs. Barn, sunflowers and fields of crops.  I so hope that these go to a little person or a country family that will appreciate the fabric.

These pillow cases are mystery to me.  My old timers has kicked in. When they were gifted to me I either failed to put a note in the bag or it has slipped out of the bag.  Now I have been collecting for two different events and I very much want these cases to go to the organization that they were intended for.  So please let me know if you made these and if they were to go to the center or made for Betty Cases. 

Officially these are pillow cases 438-441

Earlier this year Nancy H organized a day of service at her church.  The group donated over 100 pillow cases to our challenge.  Sandy was there that day and decided to continue making pillow cases.  Above are and additional 12 that she has passed on to Iowa Comfort.

With Nancy's permission I am donating these to a small school district that has had pillowcases donated each year for the past several years.  The person that had organized the drive, passed away this year and a group of us are continuing her work as a memorial to Betty.  Since the school district is also in a county that is serviced by the center, and I had told the director that I might send a few that way.... I am okay with it.

These are so bright and cheerful and will make some childs Christmas.  Thanks Sandy for your generosity!

Officially these are 442-453

Thanks everyone for helping with this challenge!

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