Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Asian quilts

We have a couple more finished quilts to show today. Both were made from the Asian fabric that was donated to us from Fon's and Porter. 

Thank you Colleen and Fon's and Porter for the donation, we are making some beautiful quilts from that fabric donation.

This one was pieced by Joyce S., she also bound it for me.  It is a twin size quilt.  At this moment I am not sure where this quilt is going to be donated to.  I had a request for quilts for a family that had a fire.  I am also looking into possibly donating quilts to cancer wings.

This quilt was pieced and bound by Jan M.  She also donated the backing on this quilt.  This one is a little smaller than the other quilt.  It would make a great lap quilt, perhaps for a nursing home or hospice unit.

Or they could end up being used as Christmas gifts at the center....at this moment I just don't know for sure.  

I am planning on having a conversation with the center to determine their need, and our future help.  

I know I am going to talk to several of the local hospitals to see if we can donate some quilts to their children wings, or chemo treatment centers next year.  

We have a few other organizations that I will be talking with also.

Special thanks go out to Joyce and Jan for their continued support of Iowa Comfort.  Nothing would get accomplished without the generosity of our volunteers.

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