Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Christmas in October

As promised I have some pictures of finished quilts......and not so finished quilts.

You see evidently I can not count.  I was feeling so full of myself having all eight Christmas quilts at least put together....until I only could find 7 to photograph.  SEVEN not EIGHT!  So on a wild search I went, moving piles of things in my quilt room.  There at the bottom of on pile I found this.

That is quilt # 8 waiting to be pieced and quilted.  The plan is to get it pieced together later today, and quilted tomorrow.  Of course that means I am going to have to find a back for it.  I see another pieced back of multiple holiday fabric.....or I see a reversible quilt with Easter fabric on the back. 

These two are completely done.  My camera did not pick up the true colors of the quilts....they are really pretty if I do say so myself.

These four are quilted and just waiting to be bound, and yes I am asking for binding fairies again.  The quilts are small laps, about 45x54.  So if anyone would like to bind one or two let me know.  I don't care if they are hand stitched or machine bound.  These do need to be back to me before the 13th of November so I can get them donated in time for Christmas.

I do have one that is on the longarm today....so there will be a total of six that will need to be bound.

I will get really good pictures up on the blog once I get them all back.

Thanks in advance!

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