Tuesday, April 28, 2015

more donations

Over the last couple of weeks I have had several donations come in.

Jean V gave me a call and asked if she could stop by with a few things.

I always love it when Jean calls.  She makes the most beautiful quilt tops from her scraps from left over projects.

This one did not disappoint!

It was windy outside, so I had to find someplace in the house where I could photograph it.  Mindy is not happy that she was disturbed on my KING SIZE bed. ( that is her thrown during the day) But she let me know quickly that she approved of the feel of the quilt.  You see Mindy loves fabric, especially quilt store quality fabric.  She gave me an ear full when I pushed her off the top so I could fold it back up.

Here is a close up of the block used in the quilt. So simple and yet such a great block to use in a scrappy quilt.  I envy Jean's vision.  Every quilt top she brings me I think that would make a great pattern for me to use up some of my stash!  Now all I have to do is get back to piecing.  I do have some smaller cuts of fabric that I haven't kitted yet.... I am remembering this block when I start cutting again. She also sent the binding along for this quilt, already sewn together and pressed...just waiting for the quilt top to get its turn on the longarm.

Jean also sent along a couple of Teddy Bears.  They were very much appreciated at the center when I dropped them off.  

The center said that gently loved, clean stuffed animals are always welcome.  They are used at Christmas time, birthdays and in their outreach programs.

This month at my Circle of Friends meeting, I got a few more donations.

Dian W made up these 4 pillow cases for us. She said that she tried two different ways of constructing them ....wasn't sure which she liked best.  Then told me if I had any more kits to let her know she could get them sewn up for me.  NOTE TO SELF:  jump on that!

Officially these are Pillow cases 284-287.

Jan M. stopped by to pick up a quilt that I quilted and dropped off this batting.  She thought I could use it in future projects.  I have enough there to do three Hope quilts if I am very careful.

When I stopped by Adel Quilting earlier this month, Julia S. was working.  Julia is a local longarm quilter, that does beautiful work.

  When she purchased her machine it came with some thick batting that she didn't really care for. She asked if Iowa Comfort might have use for it either in quilts or doggy beds.  Sight unseen I told her yes I could find a use for it.  Now that I have it in my possession, I can tell you it will be used in Hope Quilts.

Thank you Jean for all of your donations to Iowa Comfort over the years!  This top is beautiful and will probably be used when a client transitions out of the center.  Many of our donations are used to help set up housekeeping during that transition phase

Julia and Jan thank you for the donation of batting.  It came at a really good time, these donations will allow me to use what I have on larger projects...maximizing our donations. 

Dian, thank you for the pillow cases.  I will be in touch with you after the community sew day about some pillow case kits.

Now for my shameless plug!

Saturday is the only community sew day that we will have this year.  It will be held at the Adel Library starting at 10:00 am. to about 4:00 pm. 

I will have quilt tops and pillow case kits available to be worked on.  Additionally I will have a basket of precut fabric, that needs to be separated by size and color. (So don't let the fact that you don't sew stop you from dropping in)

There will be snacks available for munching on, and I will have Subway sandwiches and a couple of salads for lunch break.

Come for the day, or come for 15 minutes.  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Hope to see you there!

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