Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drum roll please.....

I have the best friends in the world! Just thought I would put that out there for the whole world to know.  In case you might have forgotten I set a lofty goal of 250 pillow cases by April 1..... and it is April 1.  BTW this is a special no joking around post!

A couple of months ago I was approached by Nancy H.  She told me that she belonged to the Woman's Auxiliary of the Dallas Center Church of the Brethren. 

The group had decided to have a service day, and Nancy told me that she had purposed helping Iowa Comfort.  She wondered if there was something that her group could do to help.  She was unsure of how many would be there to participate, or what skills participants might have.

We decided that pillow cases and fabric management would be the most helpful.

I quickly delivered this tub to Nancy.  It was full of pieces of fabric that needed folding and put on mini bolts.  It also had pieces of fabric that at one point I thought might be able to be used in pillow case construction.  That tub had been stuck away in a closet for over a year.  I also delivered several bolts of floral fabric at the same time.  

I really took advantage of Nancy's friendship, and I do feel guilty.... this was a monumental task.  My only saving grace was I told her use what she wanted and to feel free return whatever they didn't use.

Nancy and Joyce worked on that tub prior to the service day.  Ironing, cutting and sorting.  Preparing kits for sewing.  When they couldn't find a coordinating fabric they searched their own stashes.  
They raided there own stash frequently.  I know I don't know every fabric that I sent to them.... but I know a lot of it was not in that tub.

The day came for the group to meet.  Joyce joined the group and there were ready to start whipping out pillow cases!  Many sewed, several ironed, some folded fabric on mini bolts. 

There efforts were amazing!

Okay just in case you had trouble counting them.  There are 20 pillow cases in all but that last photo.  For a total of 106.

Officially these are pillow cases 149-255. 

The left over fabric was placed on mini bolts for future use.

I can't thank the ladies enough for all their help and contribution to the pillow case challenge.  Special thanks to Nancy for thinking about Iowa Comfort and organizing this service day.  Also thanks to Joyce and Nancy for the fabric contributions they made to complete the pillow cases. 

Joyce also took these kits at open sew and got them all sewn up for me.  Like I said I have some awesome friends.

Officially they are pillow cases 256-264.

Jan M.  found this fabric in her stash and she decided that they would make cute pillow cases. 

Officially they are pillow cases 265-266.

Jean V stopped by earlier this week and dropped off these.  She wanted to make sure to get them to me prior to the April 1rst goal. 

So bright and beautiful.

Officially these are pillow cases 267- 281.

These last two cases were made from my stash.  I have at least 30 more kits to get made up.  I plan to work on them over the next month.  First I have to learn how to use my new serger. 

Officially they are pillow cases 282 & 283.

So as you can see we hit our goal!  I want to thank each and every person that helped.  The center is so grateful.  We will never know how these gifts will brighten someones life.

Now I am going to be greedy, just putting it out there in the universe.  If you were planning on assisting in this challenge but hadn't gotten to it yet.  Please go ahead and make up a pillow case or two.  The center could use up to 500 pillow cases a year...I just couldn't ask for that many by April 1....but maybe by Dec. 31.

Thank you all so much for your generosity!

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