Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We have pillow cases!

Our local quilters are such good people!  So generous to those in need.

These quilts were donated by Jan M.  She made them from her stash of flannel.  They are warm and cozy. The center thought these would be given out right away giving the recipients a little extra warmth during our cold winter. 

 Officially these pillow cases are 7- 15 on our donation challenge.

 These fourteen quilts were donated by Jackie O. I love the variety of them.  We have cases that can be used for children and adults a like. The center told me that they were going to keep the snowmen aside, and use them during the next holiday season.

Officially these pillow cases are donations 16 -29, in our challenge.

Lonnie K. decided to help out in the challenge also.  Lonnie made four pillow cases from her stash.  I had called and asked her to kit me 6 pillow cases from the sale material at Adel Quilting.  When I went in to pick them up Lonnie decided that she was going to pay for the kits and put them together for me.

Yep our local quilters are just GREAT PEOPLE!

Officially these cases are 29-39.

So we are 39 completed in our challenge of 250.  I know we have more out there, but we can always use more!  So please consider donating.

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