Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ICQ # 166 & 167

This is going to be a quick little post, with some show and tell.

I have been really busy since Kellie left working on customer quilts.  As of last night I am all caught up on those customer quilts.

I plan on spending the week working on sewing pillow cases together, and maybe making some doggy pillows and or blankets.

Prior to Kellie's arrival I did have a couple of projects completed and now is the time to show them.

This little panel was donated to us.  I decided that it didn't need to be cut up and I could just quilt it as is.  Officially it is Iowa Comfort Quilt 166.   I sent along a Harley bear that was donated by Theresa H, as the companion buddy on this quilt.  I thought maybe it would keep the bears on the quilt company.  

I learned how to machine bind on this quilt.  I still am not real good at it....but thank you to my teachers Celia and Jan!

Another little panel that I just quilted up quickly.  

If you look closely you will see that the backing on both quilts are the same.  That is me trying to be time efficient and manage fabric.  
Although the top is of a sail boat, the back had bears on it....so I sent along another Harley bear with this quilt. This one was a little boy bear, I thought it only right since the top said "It's a boy".

Penny W. mailed these 4 pillow cases to us, to help our challenge.  They are bright and cheerful, and as you can see these cases do not have that little flange on them between the cuff and the body of the case.  Now I only bring it up to remind everyone that there are no rules for this challenge.  All one color, flannel or cotton, flange or not....the only requirement is that they are done.  Preferably by April 1, 2015, but I will take them after that.  

Officially these are pillowcases 40-43.

I want to thank Celia and Jan for spending time teaching me how to machine bind.  I expect to be using that method on all of our Hope quilts in the future.  I think with the amount of washing they will be getting that machine binding will serve them better.

Thank you also to Penny for the pillow cases, I hope you know that you have brought joy to someone in the near future.

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