Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whew what a week!

My sister from San Jose Ca. came for a visit for the last week.

This trip was suppose to be for her to kick back and relax, and for the most part that is what we did.  But being the big sister that I was, I couldn't resist putting her to work with my fabric.

I have been trying to get everything in one room for several months now.  Working a little each night.  I had a goal of accomplishing that goal while Kellie was here....  and I needed her help.

Okay so in all honesty I had a lot in there....stuffed in there that is.  I needed an intervention and help (read kick in the backside) to get this all under control!

This was my domestic sewing machine area.... no sewing going on there.

This is where I wanted my fabric to be stored on mini bolts.  The theory is that if I can see it, I will use it.

My floor is cluttered with future projects.  That big sack hanging from the wall is future dog beds, that still need to be chopped up or stuffed into the bed.  That purple basket is fabric that should be used future Doggy blankets.

A view of my cutting table.....I hang my head in shame!

Poor Kellie thought she was in a bad fairy tale!  No you don't get to take a break until all that fabric is on a mini bolt....get to work!

Look what a great job she did! That afternoon!

One evening Kellie and I worked on pillow cases for the 2015 challenge. I cut and ironed.  Kellie worked on pinning the kits together for me.  I have 15 cases ready to sew when Fonzi is working on quilting a quilt.

My fabric is organized by color under my long arm.

I can actually cut fabric at my cutting table.

My sewing machine is actually being used.  I am practicing machine binding on my domestic machine.  My friends Celia and Jan taught me. I am not nearly as good as they are but I hope to be one day.

I had a great time with Kellie this past week.  I also really appreciate that she was willing to help me out with my fabric organization.  What we found out was that Kellie found it relaxing to play with fabric.  A true sister!  I might have sparked another quilter!

Hope everyone has a great week.  Finished projects next week!

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