Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hope quilt donations

I just don't say this often enough.  Quilters are just the best people in the world!  They have generous hearts that reach out and help whenever they can.

Mid December I got a call from my favorite quilt shop owner, Jacque Johnson from Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  She was alerting me to another donation waiting for me at the shop.  

BTW if you are dropping off for Iowa comfort at the shop, could you also send me an email to let me know.  I just don't want to take advantage of precious space at the shop.

I headed out to pick up the donation.  Much to my surprise, I had 6 finished Hope quilts waiting for me.  Much to my dismay there wasn't a label to let me know who donated these quilts.  PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!  At the very least give me a first name and last initial so I can thank you properly.

Jacque wasn't able to help me out either, so the best I can do is say "Thank you to the generous quilter that made these quilts, whoever and wherever you are.  I appreciate your talents and generosity.  And there will be several little ones that will love their new quilts!"

Lets take a look at the donated quilts.

Here is the first quilt.  So soft and cheerful.  Very similar to a rag quilt, except done in strips. The fabrics are fabulous and could be considered gender neutral.  But for what ever reason it read boy quilt to me.  So the yellow teddy bear is accompanying this quilt to the center.

This is the second quilt.  Very simple a blue checked fabric backed with a solid light blue flannel.  This is a little boy quilt hands down, and I sent a long a little blue teddy bear with it.

The third quilt is a piece of red checked fabric, backed with flannel
I sent the red cardinal along with this quilt.

The fourth quilt is the same fabric choices as the last quilt.  I sent along this beautiful toucan with this quilt.  His red breast matched the color on the back perfectly.

These three quilts are a perfect way to manage your stash.  Not a lot of time piecing but the finished results are going to provide a lot of comfort to a little person, and probably the adult in their life.  I know I will be doing inventory on my fabric very soon to see if I can put together some Hope quilts like this. 

 This quilt was so bright! Done with checked fabric and white sashing.  The backing was an orange and white floral flannel.  Our little biker mama is sticking with this quilt top.  I thought her little jacket went so well with the black checked squares.

Here is the last quilt from this donation.  Do you see the theme of these quilts?  The quilter liked checked fabric, or had a bunch left over from her projects.  And I am so happy she did!  This quilt was  backed with light blue flannel....so it received a biker guy for its toy.

All of these quilts have been delivered to CIAC.  The director of the center happened to be there at the time of delivery.  She immediately honed in on the two red checked quilts.  She explained that they had a set of twins that had just entered one of their facilities.  She loved that they were red, almost identical and I know that those two quilts were ear marked for that set of twins.  Kind of makes me think that someone had a hand in making sure they arrived at the right time.  :-)

As I have sat and written this post, I realized that I may know who donated these quilts.  I seem to remember a quilter working on checked projects.  I also know that the quilts were longarm quilted.  The person I am thinking about has a longarm.  Please let me know if I am correct.  (it will drive me batty, if I don't know....and I don't have that far to go!)

I can properly thank Nancy H and Theresa H for the toys that were donated.  The center tells me that they bring a lot of joy to the children that get them.

Make sure to stop back next week.  I will have pictures  for you all!

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