Friday, January 9, 2015

Do I have Gibb's DNA????

I am beginning to think so.  I have rules and exception to rules.

And if I am perfectly honest there have been times I have wanted to reach out and smack someone upside the back of their head.

The rule is I try to post on Tuesday..... so here is a random Friday post.  The truth is that last Tuesdays post has generated a little buzz.

Nancy H. reached out to me and explained that her woman's church auxiliary group would like to do a community project.  Nancy thought of Iowa Comfort.  We had a nice discussion yesterday and we decided pillowcases was probably our best project for them.

Bad news was I didn't have any already kitted for them.  Good news was Nancy was okay with me giving her bolts.  She thought they could get them cut and kitted themselves.

So I went through the vault this morning can came up with this pile.  I delivered it to her this afternoon.  The stuff on the top will be very easy to use as the body and cuff of a pillowcase.  There should be fabric inside that tub that can be used as the flange of the case.  Now since I was not prepared.  I told Nancy to use what ever fabric she wanted and to send back what she didn't use.

Nancy also told me that she might have people help that did not sew.  So the bottom half of that tub is filled with fabric that just needs to be pressed and folded on to a mini bolt for me. I can not tell you how much help that will be!

Then this afternoon I had an email from Sue D.  she was sifting through her fabric and had some Hope quilts projects percolating. I mentioned that if she had fabric that she no longer could remember why she purchased it ( come on you know we all have that fabric deep in our vaults).  That pillowcases was an efficient way to make room for new fabric.  I quickly heard back from Sue!  It appears that she is allergic to pillowcase sewing! (wink wink)  Okay so I took poetic license there... I think her words were more like refuse to do that kind of sewing. Which got me thinking, a very dangerous thing for me!

We are all creative and generous, but as I tell anyone who asks me to mend something for them.  I am a quilter not a sewer.  Sue is a quilter not a pillowcase sewer.  Perhaps there are more of you just like Sue.  So I think I need another exception to my rule of not accepting fabric right now.


I will accept one yard cuts width of fabric  (36 x 42 ish) that are made of cotton or flannel for pillow cases.  You do not have to cut it, just lightly press it make sure that it is a yard cut.  Please make sure that it is exactly a yard cut.  When I get it I will cut the body and the cuff, and find a coordinating fabric for the flange.

I have a couple of people who like to sew pillowcases for Iowa Comfort if I have kits available. This could be a win win for those of you wanting to expunge that fabric from your closet.

If you decide to take advantage of this rule exception.  Please makes sure to tell me who the donation is from and that the fabric is for pillow cases.

Alright back to my regular schedule of posting.  New post on Tuesdays.  An awesome Hope Quilt!

Stay warm!

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