Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Again my rules....

So I broke them.  This time the rule that I broke had to do with fabric donation.  

I am currently overwhelmed by my lack of fabric management!  I am not accepting fabric donations at this time.  But with every rule there is an exception...and this donation meet the criteria for the exception.

The donation came from my friend Jan M.. She did a little cleaning in her sewing room and found some fabric that she was sure she would not use.  

Now I know that Jan only purchases quilt shop quality fabric... and usually purchases large quantities when she does.  Add to those facts that this fabric was already on mini bolts, which means I don't have any work involved with the donation,  how could I say no? I would have had to have been insane.

Here is what the donation looked like when it arrived;

When I finally decided that I really needed to be able to find my quilt room floor again.  I took this box and did this with it.

From the box, to the shelf.  Easy peasy.  I can see the colors, I can tell about how much fabric is on the bolt.  I see several backings for Hope quilts in there.  

At some point I will get all my colors on the same shelves....but that day isn't today.  Today I am just satisfied to have the box off the floor.  And extremely grateful that Jan thought of Iowa Comfort!

Have a good week everyone!

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