Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This quilt top was donated by Jean V.  Much earlier in the year.  I love Jeans quilts!  They are always bed size and so cute.  I have at least one more of her quilt tops to get quilted...maybe two.  She is such a supporter of  Iowa Comfort and I so appreciate her time and talents.

Speaking of time and talents.... Nancy H took this quilt home after I quilted it and bound it for me.  She is also one of my volunteers that I so appreciate, always willing to help anyway she can.  She has even volunteered to help me get caught up on getting our hope quilts quilted.  I will be sending her two of them to quilt for us.  

Nancy has a long arm and these will be great practice quilts for her to play on. I call that a win, win, win situation.  Nancy gets to practice, I get two more tops moved off the to do list, and the center has two more finished products to pass out.

Right this minute I am sitting on standby..... you see that part below.

It actually holds my bobbin case and hook in place on my longarm.  It is suppose to be straight. 

So even though APQS is booked tight for service the next 6 weeks. They recognized that this was a problem that I could not fix myself and allowed me to bring Lenni up for service this morning.  

I hope to get her back tomorrow.  I have 4 customer quilts to get finished, and then I can start working on that pile of tops for next years quilts.

More show n tell next week!  I promise to have a post up the next couple of weeks. (I can make that promise because I am going to draft them tonight)

Have a great week everyone!

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