Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wheel chair quilts

As many of you know we started a new project this year.  Our quilts are smaller but going to an under served population.  Our senior citizens.

This year we are concentrating on wheel chair quilts, and a slightly larger version of the quilts at 45 x 45.  So far most of our quilts have been 36 x 36.  I had 13 of the smaller version in my finished closet that needed to be delivered.

Several of my friends have had first hand experience with local care facilities.  It is really important to me that our quilts went to facilities that truly care about their residents.

I reached out to my friend Jackie.  Her father Jim was in a care center in Winterset.  Jackie only had wonderful things to say about the staff.  Being the great friend she is to Iowa Comfort she also contacted them for me to see if they would be intrested in our quilts.

This past Thursday I delivered our quilts to the facility.  I happened to arrive at the facility during a Bible study session.  So over half of the 29 residents were in the common area.  I immediately realized that all but four of them were in fact in wheel chairs.  At that moment I wished I had enough quilts for each and every one of the residents.  As I waited for a staff member to come and collect the quilts, I happened to see one lady in the back watching me.  As the staff member took the quilts from me, she reached out and asked if she could have one.

The staff member asked me to wait for just a moment.  When he came back he asked if I knew Jackie.  I told him that I did and he asked if I could possibly deliver the photo below to her.

Although Jim is no longer with us.  The staff happened across a photo of him during one of the facility outings.

Remember what I said about wanting to make sure that the quilts went to a great facility.  I think keeping this photo on the off chance that they might get it to Jackie makes this a great facility!

I look forward to visiting them again, with another load of quilts. 

PS.  Life is very hectic right now...so posts may be spuratic during the summer.

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  1. Well, you just made the tears roll!! Thanks, Deb for donating to Dad's last residence!